Trackntrace has developed a unique software were our servers communicate with all our Trakkers within given intervals. The application's strength is that we collect information on the servers instead of in respectively Trakker. We can then choose how we want to display the information in our web interface. Trackntrace has therefore developed one of the most versatile systems on the market today. The system is fully scalable and all information that enters the system can be exported out and used as our customers require. Since the strength lies in the software Trackntrace solutions are completely hardware independent.

Today we work closely with our key partners to work together to build future solutions for our customers.

These are just some of the highlights of the system.


The mapping system of Trackntrace system combines the familiarity of Google Maps with the most up-to-date road data of Open Street Maps plus numerous other rich mapping layers. 


With a large selection of icons you can quickly identify where your Trakkers are in the world. When logging in, a view automatically shows all your Trakkers current positions. Are all your Trakkers in the same city, the city map is displayed, but if they are scattered all over the globe, a world map will show. To the right you see the name you have given your Trakker along with the selected icon and the status of the satellites and alarms. The map has different views that you control in the upper right corner.

Quick Edit

Clicking on the gear under the icon you get into the configuration of the respective Trakker. You can easily change the name, appearance and function of the icon in well under 15 seconds. The Trakker can have several different applications on the same day. On this tab you can control even where an alarm should go to, cell phone and email. While our customers have several different Trakkers in the same portal, each Trakker are controlled individually with their own report number.  


A Geofence provides an easy alarm if the device leaves the zone or enters the zone. In our system, you can easily change the location and size of your Geofence by dragging it on the map. Select the device you want to enable Geofence for by clicking on the drop bar and then click the device name. The radius you use to limit the range of the Geofence can be set from 10 meters to an entire continent.


In the History tab, you can follow all Trakkers two months back. For each stored position the history also shows the current battery level, speed, satellite status and if the SOS or Geofence is enabled. The history of all Trakkers can be exported into our customers' business systems after adjustments. Since our map systems is in the background the internet and the world's largest search engine is in our system. Clicking on a green ring will open the last position in a new window for additional search of the area.

Guest Account

One of the more popular and public used areas are associated with different events. Trackntrace has solutions that through any website or smartphone you can follow your boat, your car, sportsmen and women in any contest for example. In the event area Trackntrace has applications for ski resorts, amusement parks and outdoor recreation parks in which a personal Trakker works perfectly. 

Electronic Logbook

Electronic logbook is part of our automated system and an additional service module. It gives you and your employees a simple and effective management of the company's mileage logs automatically. With Drivers Log from Trackntrace you can give yourself and your employees an inexpensive insurance against retroactive employers' fees and fines. And the reduction of administration of the driver's logs are considerably both for drivers and office staff.
The automated travel tool is easy to use and requires minimal training. The system can send automatic reports by email daily, weekly or once a month, to two different email addresses per Trakker. For example, a weekly report to the driver and a monthly report to the manager who will certify the report.


Workorder is the second part of the travel tool and records the when, where and how long a Trakker stood still at the same address. This type of report can be used as base for invoices for craftsmen and other teams who go out on different assignments. 

Mobile Platform

Trackntrace has developed a proprietary platform that works for all smartphones. With Trackntrace solution all our customers can follow their devices with any mobile phone regardless of whether they use iPhone / iPad, Android or Windows Mobile. The application is completely free for all our customers.
Our mobile platform contains all the key features for everyday use. Search and see your units, report any deviations or enter customer and project names directly on the phone, and thus into the system. Our mobile platform provides our customers with an active instrument which together with our travel journal is unmatched in the market today, and at no extra cost!
In order to gain access go to and upload the application on the home screen.