Trackntrace signs OEM agreement with Benalu.



Gothenburg 2015-06-03

Trackntrace signs OEM agreement with Benalu.

All trailers and wagons delivered in Sweden, from the summer of 2015, will contain transmitters from Trackntrace. The devices will help customers to monitor wear and tear, plan for service, standstill and live positions across Europe in real time.

Benalu is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of dump trucks and trailers in aluminum. The French company Benalu was established in 1967 and currently has sales and service in large parts of the world. The successful service department provides customers with service regardless of vehicle brand.

The Swedish company Trackntrace provides global positioning services to companies, organizations and individuals through the brand TRAKK®. TRAKK is used today in a variety of products and services from automated driver log to real-time monitoring of equipment, personnel and ensures the planning of deliveries and maintenance. 

For more information please contact:

Mattias Sundström Trackntrace

Mattias.sundstrom (a)

+46 31 – 314 80 00


Tord Blomberg TB Trailer.

Tord (a)

+46 31 – 72 85 900


Yet another theft attempt stopped.


TRAKK has once again stopped a attempted theft together with one of our Drivers Log Customers and the Swedish Police Department. During the first three quarters of 2014, we have managed to stop the theft of our customers' vehicles and goods for a total value of over 2 million Euros.

Both of TRAKKs main products the real-time tracking and the Drivers Log provides, free of charge, one of the market's smartest theft protection units with real-time monitoring worldwide. TRAKKs products can be installed completely hidden in vehicles or simply hidden in the cargo or goods.  

Contact us at TRAKK today so we can tell you more about how our products can simplify your daily life and help you to earn money and save time.

Ride Of Hope crosses the finish line in London.



During eight days the cyclists from RideOfHope cycled through England into Wales and then back down to London and covered nearly 750 miles. The finish took place at Buckingham Palace the day before the Tour de France went over the finish line in London. It has been an amazing journey for participants as well as everyone at home who in real time were able to follow the riders through our portal on computers and on the popular TRAKK App. Trakk transmitters from Trackntrace has been an important component of competition management and medical teams to rapidly take action when incidents occurred. A big thanks to all involved and we at Trackntrace are looking forward to next year!

Together, the participants soon has collected more than 4 000 000 Swedish kronor to the Children's Cancer Fund!

The race to London is about to start


On June 29th Ride Of Hope starts its cycling race and will cover over 1200 kilometers before finishing in London.

This year, Trackntrace will have three cyclists in the team and everything can be monitored in real time from the start on June 29th to the finish line on July 6.

The route starts in Milton Keynes (Trek UK) and continues on towards Cambridge, Nottingham, Chester, Caernarforn, Shrewsbury, Woking and London. We will be cycling through England and Wales. We will, among other things, take us up Mount Snowden, 1085 meters above sea level. When the weather is good, you can look out over England, Scotland, Ireland and the Isle of Man. For updates and pictures during the trip visit Ride Of Hope's Facebook group (In Swedish);

We challenge all of our customers, suppliers and partners to help us raise money for Children's Cancer Foundation by liking, sharing and follow us in this group!

Of course, everyone also can follow our team in real time with our products sitting in the bikes. Sign in to with username London and password 2014

On September 3rd to 7th 2014 the Icebug Xperience West Coast Rock Trail


On September 3rd to 7th 2014 the Icebug Xperience West Coast Rock Trail will take place. A trail running and walking races in the West Coast of Sweden that takes advantage of Bohusläns changing landscape. All participants will be followed in real time with products from the Trackntrace .

To create a unique hiking and trail running race, Icebug and Pathfinder Travels have together created Icebug Xperience. Since many similar races take place in mountain environments, we thought that it was time to show the fantastic nature offered along the sea level of the west coast. The west coast archipelago is unique in the world regarding its environment and accessibility. In 2013, CNN ranked Bohuslän’s coast number 7 out of 10 wilderness areas in the world you must experience before dying. “Since both Icebug and Pathfinder Travels are local companies with origins in Göteborg, we wanted to show our backyard to the world. We think that of all the ways to experience Bohuslän, by foot is the best due to the quickly changing environments, between primeval forests, cultural landscape and red granite cliffs, with a constantly roaring sea nearby. "said David Eklund, CEO of Icebug and one of the event's organizers.

The Swedish company Trackntrace provide global positioning services to companies, organizations and individuals through their brand TRAKK®. TRAKK is used today in a variety of products and services from automated mileage logs to real-time monitoring of participants on bike races, sailing races, outdoor activities and motorsport. During Icebug Xperience everyone will be given the opportunity to follow all participants in real time.

For more information about TRAKK please visit: and for more information about the race please visit

Unique offering for our clients in transport and logistics


Trackntrace and CargoSpace24 enters strategic partnership. CargoSpace24 is a digital platform that in real time matches the needs of transport within Europe with available transportation capacity that would otherwise have gone empty. CargoSpace24 is the first independent online system in Europe , where the transport buyer can view and book free capacity close to their position directly on the web. The platform is easy to use and streamlines the flow of transport in Europe with reduced environmental impact and increased profitability for carriers and shippers as a result.

CargoSpace24 will revolutionize the European transport industry and be an important factor that fully exploit Europe 's transport system.
CargoSpace24 provides a marketplace that streamlines traffic flows through simplified management with reduced environmental impact and increased profitability.
CargoSpace24 offers a user-friendly and independent platform for real-time matching of any transport with the nearest available capacity to transport within Europe and visualizes how we are reducing environmental impact.

CargoSpace has release on 22nd January 2014. All customers who currently use Trackntrace solutions get free access to CargoSpace24 portal throughout 2014.

For more information contact Jan Helge at CargoSpace or Thomas Johansson at Trackntrace . or

Trackntrace is now starting its fundraising for Children's Cancer Fund


Trackntrace is now starting its fundraising for Children's Cancer Fund. The fundraising is part of our joint venture in which we in 2014 will participate in a bike race through England and Wales in July, finishing in London the day before the Tour de France passes. You can make a difference today and support the Children's Cancer Foundation by making a contribution on the below link:

Trackntrace are attending HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair in Hong Kong


Trackntrace are attending HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair in Hong Kong between 13-16 October. Trackntrace will work with partners and showcase products and solutions for prospective customers and dealers.

- "HKTDC trade fair gives us an excellent and unique opportunity to demonstrate our solutions for future partners and agents. Trackntrace aims to increase international sales of products and services in the Chinese market as well as in the rest of the world. The fairs in Hong Kong in October gives us the opportunity to meet a large number of partners and suppliers in an interesting platform.  "Says Mattias Sundström, CEO of Trackntrace.

For additional information about the fair please visit:

Trackntrace stops yet another theft in Sweden


The police were able to quickly find the stolen car thanks to Trackntrace
One of our new customers in Stockholm found out this afternoon that one of their service vans was stolen. The customer was able, thanks to the GPS transmitter that was in the car both get alerts themselves and notify the police exactly where the car was positioned. Approximately 30 minutes after the theft the police had identified the car and found the car where the thief had abandoned it. Our client is of course grateful for our technology and the GPS positioning service that we provide.

Trackntrace expands the collaboration and sponsoring of Children's Cancer Fund and Ride of Hope


The Swedish Childhood Cancer fund, Barncancerfonden, is driven entirely by donations from individuals and businesses, and gets no subsidies from either the state, municipality or county. Since it was founded in 1982, the Children's Cancer Foundation has contributed to research in childhood cancer with over one billion Swedish crones. The direct contact with cancer-affected children and parents is done through six regional pediatric cancer hospitals. Together, childhood cancer hospitals and Barncancerfonden work effectively both with direct action at the local level and with general issues in research, care and education as well as information.

Ride of Hope 2013 is a bike race divided in two parts, 1250 kilometers between Lund and Stockholm and about 1000 kilometers from Umeå to Stockholm. The 2013 race will start on Saturday 3 of August in Lund and end on the 11th in Stockholm and the second parts starts on Monday the 5th from Umeå. The two races will join and finish the last two legs together into Stockholm. Participants can choose to ride the entire route or any individual leg. Whichever option you choose, you're helping to support our collection for Children's Cancer.

In addition to raising money for childhood cancer, we try to give the children and families who receive treatment a positive experience and show our compassion. The race passes all of Sweden's six pediatric oncology centers during their journey. Through our collective support, we hope to make life a little easier for those children and families affected by cancer.

Ride of Hope is for everyone who likes to cycle. Since you can join different pace groups you never have to ride alone. As in previous years there will be a webpage where you can log into to follow the riders in real time on their journey through Sweden thanks to Trackntrace. This allows you to see exactly where and when the cyclists are passing you.

Trackntrace is proud partners and invites all customers, partners and suppliers to join us in this, Sweden's most important bike race!

For more information go to

Trackntrace celebrates 100. In June Trackntrace passed a company milestone.


In June Trackntrace passed a company milestone. On the morning of June 11 our 100 millionth unique position was reported in the system for the Swedish market.

International league of thieves stopped in Sweden


After a theft of machines equipped with Trackntrace tracking system a truck was tracked on its way through Sweden. The attempt could be followed in real time on the mobile phone of Trackntrace customer. Early in the morning the Skåne County Police carried out the search and later arrest of the people in the truck and found a large quantity of stolen goods on its way overseas.

Trackntrace Norway competes at the Nürburgring


Trackntrace partner in Norway,, competes in this year VLN at the Nürburgring.

With a total of ten races, the VLN Endurance Championship Nürburgring is a true evergreen for teams and drivers at the Nürburgring.

Being fan-friendly represents a top priority for the VLN Endurance Championship Nürburgring. Therefore, the entrance is free all around the Nordschleife. The event is motor-racing at your fingertips, as the VLN Endurance Championship Nürburgring offers the spectators the chance of witnessing the work of the teams during both the practice sessions and the race at close range.

This season Europe’s most popular mass sport series will again be starting ten times on the most beautiful and most difficult racetrack in the world - the Nürburgring with its legendary Nordschleife. Spectators will again be able to look over the shoulder of the teams as they do their work in the pits – but only as long as the engines are not running, for then all attention has to be focused on what is happening on the track. And this motorsport experience around the Nordschleife is free of charge!

Follow Kjetil Giltvedt and the results at

Trackntrace, together with the Norwegian police stopped a car thief


This time it was a theft from one of our Toyota dealers that could be effectively stopped. When the car did not come back from a daily rental our customer tracked  the car to Trondheim, about 600 kilometers from the rental place. In a coordinated effort between Trackntrace Norway and the police thief the was arrest within 40 minutes and the car was returned the same day.

Yet another example of how the Trackntrace with simple and accessible products helps its customers to save money. For further information on the operation and questions about solutions for your business please contact us at Trackntrace.

TRAKK Norway
Roger Iversen, roger.iversen[at]

TRAKK Sweden

Trackntrace once again stops thieves in Norway


For the fourth time in a short time Trackntrace along with Norwegian police stopped thieves. The operation was carried out during the morning Feb. 4. The theft was noted when our client received a so-called GeoFence alarm in the morning. The thieves route was tracked in real time by Trackntrace systems and shown to both our client and the Norwegian police. Before lunch the same day the thieves were captured and the customer could recover their goods. The shipment this time was not electronics but clothing and clearly shows the diversity of our applications and ways to use it in real life.

In the coming days Trackntrace will release a new, more modern website


Thanks to a renewed graphic interface and more relevant information the new page is faster, smoother and easier to use. On the new site it will be easier to locate information with a new graphical interface and navigation. Much time has been put on the structure and unimportant information is stripped away, all to create a more user-friendly page with better logic. The new website will also clearly reflect the content of the Trackntrace web systems and provide new channels of information for customers, resellers and partners.

"Our new website is also designed to fit into the platforms used by visitors, such as tablets, smartphones and of course, computers" says Mattias Sundström, CEO of Trackntrace.

For our customers the new web will be an additional tool for quick and easy navigation. The update will also be a variety of news released on the inside of the system and our customers can now directly take advantage of a faster solution with more functionality.

We at Trackntrace would like to take this opportunity to wish all our customers, partners and suppliers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Trackntrace signs cooperation agreement with Boomslang Instruments and their brand PFO


PFO is a new brand, a new category, and represents a new behavior. It is a Protective Fashion Object, it´s the worlds first fashion accessory with GPS. PFO One is the first of PFO's personal alarm bracelets with GPS. Designed by acclaimed Swedish designer Oscar Magnuson, the bracelet conceals military technology developed by engineers of fighter jet navigation systems. By pulling the GPS bracelet, you send an alarm message with a webmap of your live location. Until then, it is just a normal, albeit very cool, bracelet designed for active people.
Trackntrace offers global positioning services to companies, organizations and individuals. We have developed a powerful positioning tool in close collaboration with hardware manufacturers. Our combined services and products provide a unique offering to our customers. Our concept is based on simplicity and a system that anyone can handle. Through our portal, our customers access one of the market's most powerful tools for positioning, making the possibility that at any time via our Web site to track what you want whether it's a vehicle, freight value object or a person. Our system supports both GPS pucks as cell phones and PDA s.
The cooperation between Trackntrace and PFO, provides a comprehensive offering to our joint customers that is unique in its kind. The hardware and design from PFO along with software and applications from Trackntrace. The cooperation starts with PFO One but will in the coming years develop into several new products.
PFO, a Swedish fashionista brand for women owned by Boomslang Instruments with a distinctive brand image. Taking inspiration from the fashion and design PFO have combined a mix of design, technology and service, and created a new product category and a new approach to security. The goal is to provide greater security for women without compromising their independence. PFO was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Stockholm. For more information about PFO and its products, please visit
Trackntrace has been working on the development and production of the system since January 2006. In the spring of 2006, the market's first commercial Tracker was released and appeared on electronics fair CES in Las Vegas, USA. For the first time there was an opportunity to develop and build an application that could be placed on a hardware that was at an attractive price and with a great functionality. The company was founded by five cornerstones. From the start, there was the experience and knowledge required of Marketing, Distribution, Development, Trade and Telecommunications. Trackntrace headquarters are based in Gothenburg. For more information about Trackntrace please visit

Trackntrace stops theft attempt, once again


Again, a theft of boat engines where prevented with products from Trackntrace. During the night between the 20th and 21st of September a Yamaha engine where stolen from Kolbotn in Norway. After a few hours a coordinated effort with the Norwegian Police and our customer the stolen units was found in a port just outside Larvik. With the Trackntrace application the whole theft was monitored in real time and the thieves could effectively be stopped.

For more information about the operation and ordering of units in Norway, please contact:

Roger Iversen
Trakk Norge AS
Mariesvei 49, N-3244 Sandefjord
Mobile (+47) 95 99 52 21

Trackntrace in Hong Kong


Trackntrace are attending this years HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair in Hong Kong between 13-16 October. Trackntrace will work with partners and showcase products and solutions for prospective customers and dealers. We invite you to schedule an appointment at our booth 3C- B12.

- "HKTDC trade fair gives us an excellent and unique opportunity to demonstrate our solutions for future partners and agents. Trackntrace's has launched the sales of products and services in the Chinese market together with selected partners. System tests that we have conducted in Asia over the last few years and the reception we got from the Chinese market shows that our solution works very well here. "Says Mattias Sundström, CEO of Trackntrace.

For additional information about the fair please visit:

Trackntrace signs exclusive agreement with the Norwegian Caravan Club


Trackntrace in Norway has signed yet another new exclusive contract, this time with Norsk Caravan Club (NCC). NCC is Norway's largest and oldest organization for members with a caravan or motorhome. NCC was founded in 1960 and today consists of 25,000 member families spread across 65 local branches. Trackntrace products provide great opportunities for our customers to monitor and track their equipment via computer and mobile phones worldwide, combined with the alarm and SOS function our products is ideal for boats, cars, caravans and during activities. The agreement includes one of the markets best coverage maps which gives NCC members the possibility to track their devices in over 50 countries at no extra cost.

For further information and ordering contact;

Roger Iversen
Trakk Norge AS
Mariesvei 49, N-3244 Sandefjord
Mobile (+47) 95 99 52 21

A record attempt succeeded


Ride of Hope powered by Cyclecomponents, now have the fastest time on Vätternrundan! The 30 mile was run in 6 hours 37 minutes!

A distance of 30 mil in a incredible time of 6:37 hour gives an average of 46 km / h, and those who achieved this was Magnus Bäckstedt, Christofer Stevenson, Alexander Gingsjö, Niklas Gustavsson and Johan Svensson. Thanks also to Marcus Larsson, Peter Carlsson, Ted Ås, Tennce Carlsson, Robert Larsson, Marcus Porath, and everyone else in the group who helped made this possible!

The entire record could be followed in real time thanks to the Trackntrace.

Signs an agreement with the Norwegian Royal Yacht Association


Trackntrace in Norway has signed an exclusive agreement with Kongelig Norsk Båtforbund (KNBF). KNBF consists of over 200 sailing clubs with more than 30,500 members. The agreement gives members of KNBF opportunity to buy several varieties of Trackntrace tracking products adapted for marine use. Trackntrace products provide great opportunities for our customers to monitor and track their equipment through computer and mobile worldwide. Combined with alarm and SOS function the units fits ideal for boats, lone workers and activities. Trackntrace has repeatedly saved people and goods throughout Europe and one of the most written in Scandinavia is when one of our products helped to save the lives of two Norwegian sailors when their boat sank in bad weather. Read more about the effort here:

Trackntrace signs LOI for Belgium


Trackntrace, today signed a letter of intent to deliver all of Trackntrace services and products in Belgium. The intension are that the agreement also will be extended to further parts of the Benelux countries as Trakk Belgium expands their organization during autumn 2012.

Trackntrace sponsrar Barncancerfonden


Trackntrace sponsors the Children's Cancer Fund and becomes the active long-term partner of the Ride of Hope.

Childhood Cancer Foundation is run entirely by donations from individuals and businesses, and get no contribution from either the state, municipality or county. Since its startup in 1982, the Children's Cancer Foundation contributes to research in pediatric cancer by more than a billion dollars. The direct contact with cancer-affected children and parents is done through six regional children's cancer clinics. Together, childhood cancer clinics and the Children's Cancer Foundation work effectively with both direct efforts at the local level and with general issues in research, care and education and information.

Ride of Hope is a way to raise money for the fund. Ride of Hope has completed the race Lund to Stockholm since 2008 with great success and the goal has been to build a charity run with much emotion and joy.

Record attempt in Vätternrundan in the fight against childhood cancer.

15-16 June is the 47th edition of the bicycle race Vätternrundan. This year, the Ride of Hope will participate with its own team which includes professional cyclist Magnus Backstedt. The team, Ride of Hope powered by Cycle Components are attempting to break their own records and succeed in riding the entire distance of 300 kilometers in 6 hours and 40 minutes.

Ride of Hope is a bike race that 2012 starts on Saturday 4 August in Lund and end on the 12th of Stockholm, a distance of a total of 1250 kilometers.

Ride any distance between Lund and Stockholm, participate in one or more stages or a portion of a leg. Ride of Hope is a bike race of 1250 km with a lot of commitment and feeling. It lasts for nine summer days and pass five of Sweden's six children's cancer clinics. All you have to do is choose one of these days and how far you want to ride. Why not bring friends or family?

Ride of Hope has during the first 4 years raised over 2.3 million (SEK) to Children's Cancer and had almost 3,000 take-offs.

Trackntrace are proud partners and challenge all customers, partners and suppliers to start in this, Sweden's most important bicycle race!

Login via your computer or mobile phone to follow the entire venture in real time:

Trackntrace exhibits at the boat show in Marstrand


Trackntrace together with TB Marine and Nemo RIB exhibits on the floating boat show in Marstrand, June 1 to 3.;

Marstrand has a rich tradition of boating, sailing and everything related to the sea. A natural meeting point for many sailors and everyone who loves the sea. A perfect harbor on the west coast with a historically interesting city with a fantastic range of restaurants, shops, opportunities for interesting excursions and more. The city is easily reachable by bus and car and boat from the city of Gothenburg and other parts of Sweden.

This weekend is also the premiere of Marstrand Big-Boat-Race 2012th.

Welcome to Marstrand.

Trackntrace opens in China


Trackntrace opens the doors to its new office in Shenzhen together with the agent SHENZHEN MSD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. Demand for Trackntrace products and solutions through the brand TRAKK are increasing in Europe and the rest of the world, a result of this is the start-up in China, where interest has been great for our products and services in recent years. With a permanent office in China, we now have the opportunity to serve the local market as well as expand and seek new alliances with partners and customers. The new office will serve as a basis for continued development and production of new hardware in combination with sales in the Guangdong Province. We wish our customers and partners welcome to meet us at;


R1206, 12/F, Block A, Kouan Building Wenjindu, Dongmen South Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen, China. TEL: 86-755-82195863


中国广东省深圳市罗湖区东门南路口岸报关大楼1206室。TEL: 86-755-82195863

Trackntrace in Hong Kong


Trackntrace are attending this year’s HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair in Hong Kong between 13-16 April. Trackntrace will work with partners and showcase products and solutions for prospective customers and dealers. We invite you to schedule an appointment at our booth 3D B39.

- "HKTDC trade fair gives us an excellent and unique opportunity to demonstrate our solutions for future partners and agents. Trackntrace’s goal is to begin sales of products and services in the Chinese market in 2012 together with selected partners. System tests we conducted in Asia over the last few years and the reception we got from the Chinese market shows that our solution works very well here." Says Mattias Sundström, CEO of Trackntrace.

For further information about the fair:

Strong expected increase in personal tracking for consumers


According to the magazine Telecom Lead Team GPS tracking devices and programs are likely to grow at a CAGR of 40 percent, and turn over $ 1 billion in 2017. During 2011 a total of 100,000 units were delivered to the private market but the outlook for 2017 is 2.5 million units with a significant growth in elderly care, personal alarms and products for lone workers.

"We are also seeing the first signs of leading CE companies entering the market, such as Qualcomm, Apple (via PocketFinder), Garmin, Cobra, etc. and there will also be significant partnerships and acquisitions in this space as new entrants looks to add tracking to their portfolio," said Patrick Connolly, senior analyst at ABI Research.

“Trackntrace has developed a variety of features and adapted our offering to consumers, businesses and organizations. During the last year, requests for integration between our system and our customers' increased and the trend we see is in line with the conclusions that ABI Research does.” Said Mattias Sundström, CEO at Trackntrace

Source and article in full:

Trackntrace signed a letter of intent (LOI) for Italy


Trackntrace today signed a letter of intent (LOI) to deliver all of Trackntrace services and products in Italy.

"The interest in Trackntrace services and products has been increasing from Italian customers in logistics and transportation and is identical to what we experience in the Nordic countries. With well over 60 million inhabitants and one of the largest network of roads in Europe Trackntrace products and services fits perfectly . With an agent in place, Trackntrace has a new possibility to work with the entire Italian market and cater customers from both Italy and existing customers from other countries. "says Mattias Sundström, CEO of Trackntrace.

For more information:

Trakk Italia
Borgo Della Nave
63828 Campofilone

+39 347 498 775 8


Trackntrace stops theft in Norway together with the Police


A suspected theft was discovered by one of Norway's largest distributors of IT equipment. With Trakkers from Trackntrace in the goods the police, security companies and the customer was able to follow the shipment in real time. After a few hours' journey around Oslo on roads and on board ferries the police was able to intercept the shipment and two men were arrested on the spot.


The estimated value of the shipment was over 100 000 Norwegian kroner, and consisted among other things of mobile phones. Two hours after the raid the goods were on their way back to our client.

Trackntrace exhibits at the Boat Show in Gothenburg


The Scandinavia's first Boat Show of the year is one of the year's finest moments for everyone interested in boats on the west coast. As a visitor you will find a wide range of boats, accessories and equipment for boat and crew, training and much more. This year the fair is open from 4-12 February.

The Goteborg Boat Show is not just business, the show is more. Scenes with interesting presentations, great food, performances and children's activities. When visitors come to the Boat Show 2012 they will experience summer 2012! Several world premieres are shown at the show and this year, Project Manager Bengt Wallin is counting on 20 or so brand new boat models.


The Goteborg Boat Show is an annual event organized by the Swedish Trade Fair Foundation in cooperation with Sweboat. This year's meeting is the 52nd in the series. Read more about the Goteborg Boat Show at

Trackntrace exhibits together with Bavaria Yacht and you'll find us at Brygga 2 C Hall (C05: 22). Welcome!

Trackntrace now in Brazil


"After several tests in large parts of Brazil with very good results, we are now ready to release our product with our agent on site. For Trackntrace Brazil is a very interesting market in several ways. The country's size, with 190 million inhabitants, and many Swedish interests in place will ensure a good foundation. The South American market is also a very interesting market where much of the sales of our products will go directly to the end consumer, B2C. Local presence is an important step to Trackntrace. Having developed and tested our products and services during the winter of 2011, the products will be released on the market in spring 2012. "Says Mattias Sundström, CEO of Trackntrace Svenska AB.

Trackntrace is launching a unique GPS tracker


After over a year of development and intensive testing in different environments Trackntrace is launching its first in a series of unique GPS trackers. The device that is smaller than a cigarette pack contains a variety of unique features. Besides its robust construction it offers the opportunity to directly activate SOS, POI and GeoFence on the Tracker. The Tracker is named 009 and contains one of the most powerful batteries on the market with its 1500 mAh ensuring a long standytime. 009 combines the latest GPS technology with AGPS which allows reception even in difficult environments.

009 will be launched in all the Trackntrace European markets in January 2012 and in the spring in the rest of the world. The launch of the 009 is a big step for Trackntrace and a long awaited product of many of our customers. With 009 Trackntrace has created a product that our customers can work with in everyday life as an active tool for monitoring and reporting.

Trackntrace launches automatic driving log module


Trackntrace today launched its fully automated expense and driving log management module. After months of testing and test installations in cooperation with some of our customers we are launching the new module in full scale.

Travel log are an additional module that our customers can choose to order for one or several devices in the same system. Travel expenses or journey log as it is known is fully automated and built according to the tax authorities' guidelines. With the device in the vehicle, you never again need write a report since the system calculates and presents the trips automatically. The simplicity and the packaging together with other services from Trackntrace makes the solution unique in its kind.

Electronic logbook from Trackntrace is a web based solution for electronic driver log. It gives our customers and their employees a simple and effective management of the company's driver log - automatically. With the Trakker installed this solution gives our customers an inexpensive insurance against retroactive taxes and penalties. It also reduces the administration considerably both for drivers and administrative staff. Trackntrace system is easy to use and requires minimal training. For Trackntrace the electronic logbook is an important component in a strongly growing market not only in Scandinavia but also in other European countries.

For a further demonstration of the system and all the benefits please contact one of our partners.

Trackntrace gets more accessible


Trackntrace in Norway has now signed an agreement with Wærners Båtbu AS and Bertel O Steen AS, Larvik.


Wærners Båtbu is a large accessory shop for boats and seaequipment and Bertel O Steen a Mercedes-Benz and Peugeot dealer. The agreement gives their customers the ability to purchase Trackntrace services and products directly over the counter for their boats and cars. The agreements are a start for a number of upcoming contracts for Trackntrace Norway and collaborations in several new segments. For further information and order:

Trakk Norge
Mariesvei 49
3244 Sandefjord
+47 95 99 52 21

Trackntrace helps to save lives in the archipelago


During the night of Saturday October 1 and Sunday 2 October a boat sank with two people aboard in the Norwegian archipelago. In the area there was a heavy fog and the boat sank in under 1 minute. Thanks to lifejackets and a Trakker from Trackntrace the men who swam to a small island was found within 30 minutes. The Trakker reported the position of both the men on board the boat and on the small island, which they managed to swim to. Both men were passed by ambulance to Tønsberg, cooled down but alive.


For further information and the full story

Trackntrace is attending the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2011


Trackntrace is once again attending the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2011, taking place in Hong Kong between 13-16 October. Trackntrace will together with partners showcase products and solutions to prospective customers and dealers.


- "HKTDC trade fair gives us an excellent and unique opportunity to demonstrate our solutions for future partners and agents. System tests we carried out in Asia in 2010 and the reception we got from the Chinese market shows that our solution works very well here too. "Says Mattias Sundström, CEO Trackntrace.


For more information about the exhibition:

Trackntrace opens in Prague


Trackntrace in the Czech Republic openes its doors with the agent Trackntrace Czech-Slovakia on the Petra Bezruče 887 in Prague. The demand for Trackntrace products and solutions under the trademark TRAKK are increasing in Europe and a result is the launch in the Czech Republic. For further information please contact Trackntrace in Sweden or Miroslav Cabish, Trackntrace Czech-Slovakia.

Trackntrace attends IFA 2011 in Berlin


In conjunction with the IFA 2011 taking place in Berlin from September 2nd to 7th, Trackntrace will attend and showcase products and solutions along with our manufacturers and partners.


- "IFA trade fair gives us an excellent and unique opportunity to demonstrate our solutions for future partners and costumers in Europe. The European market has developed very well for us and Trackntrace in Germany lies in the implementation phase for a number of major projects." Says Mattias Sundström, CEO Trackntrace.


Please contact us for a personal meeting in Berlin.

Trackntrace now in Russian


Trackntrace has now release the entire web platform and system in Russian. With an increasing interest in our products and services from the East, we now have translated the entire system during this summer. Russian is now the 5th language which is handled in our system along with Swedish, Norwegian, English and German.

Trackntrace releases a completely mew platform for mobile phones


Trackntrace has developed a proprietary platform that works for all smartphones. With Trackntrace solution now all our customers can follow their devices with mobile phone regardless of whether they use your iPhone / iPad, Android or Windows Mobile. The application is completely free for all our customers. In order to gain access go to and upload the application on the home screen.

Trackntrace becomes Gold sponsor of the Porsche Club Sweden


Gothenburg 5th May 2011
Trackntrace signed today agreements on gold sponsorship for Porsche Club Sweden. Collaboration is unique and creates good conditions for Trackntrace to reach out to the market to a high purchasing power and technology interested audience. Trackntrace will be present on most PCS meetings and activities.


Porsche Club Sweden formed in 1976 and today has approximately 5,600 members. The Club is divided into 7 regions from North to South, with regional representation on various locations in the country. Porsche Club Sweden is Sweden's most active car club. During one year the Club's officials organized just over 200 activities. Porsche Club Sweden is a non-profit organization with more than 100 officials working. The Swedish Club is the fourth largest in the world-among a total of approximately 360 clubs. Only the American, British and German are greater.

Trackntrace expands to global coverage


Gothenburg, Sweden 24th March 2011.
Trackntrace signs additional carrier agreements which opens up new markets. As a complement to our existing roaming agreements this new agreemet opens up unprecedented opportunities for Trackntrace and our customers. We can now continue the expansion and setting up new networks of agents outside Europe where interest in Trackntrace is great.

"The new agreements is a milestone for us and we now have new opportunity to comply with our customers around the world with our products and services. The new coverage map is an increase in countries in and around Europe, large parts of Asia, Middle East , South America and the United States. " Mattias Sundström CEO of Trackntrace.

Trackntrace signs LOI for Thailand


Trackntrace has today signed a Letter of Intent with Swedish businessmen for the delivery of Trackntrace products and services in Thailand. Trackntraces unique solutions will work well in Thailand with its large transport, - and communications sector and tourism industry with many Europeans living in the country. Trackntrace ability to deliver solutions that work in multiple languages and with a clear interface has been an important factor. The base for investment in Thailand will be built in Pattaya which is 150 kilometers southeast of Bangkok.

Trackntrace Norway expands


Trackntrace expands in Norway through Virk Progressive Import and Roger Iversen with the recruitment of eight new sales people who will focus on the automotive industry and the public sector. The demand on Trackntrace products and services are increasing in the Nordic countries and a proof of this is the expansion in Norway.

Trackntrace signs LOI for Bulgaria


Trackntrace, today signed a Letter of Intent to supply all of the Trackntrace services and products in Bulgaria. The intentions of the agreement is that Trackntrace Bulgaria will extended its business to additional parts of the Balkans as the Bulgarian organization develops under 2011.

Trackntrace signs agreement with Biluthyrarna Sverige


Biluthyrarna Sverige is a society for all companies that work with car rental. The common goal is safety, quality, expert service and customer-friendly policies. Biluthyrarna Sverige today organizes over 90% of the rental companies in Sweden. In areas of theft prevention issues Biluthyrarna Sverige cooperate with the Swedish police both domestic and internationally, Emergency Service, MRF, insurance companies and the European organization Leaseurope, a European joint association of leasing companies and car rental companies.

The cooperation agreement gives members of the Biluthyrarna Sverige a unique packaging with a favorable agreement designed specifically for car rental. Members will now be able to follow all of its vehicles throughout Europe with Trackntrace location-based services and alarm.

Trackntrace signs LOI for Latvia


Trackntrace signed a Letter of Intent today with a new agent and the aim is to supply all of Trackntrace services and products in Latvia. The objective of the agreement is at a later point extend the combined offert to the rest of the Baltics.


"The great Interest in Trackntrace services and solutions from the Baltic countries have increased the last year. With a new contract and a new agent in place, Trackntrace has a whole new opportunity to satisfy local customers. The step is a important one as well since we now approach the Russian market. "Says Mattias Sundström, CEO of Trackntrace.


In connection with the new agreement Trackntrace has translated the demo video into Latvian and Russian for download or to be seen on our website.

Trackntrace delivers Trakk™ to nordic retailchain Clas Ohlson


Trackntrace product Trakk™ Lite for consumers and small businesses will from next year be available in all Clas Ohlson stores across the Nordic Countries.
For Trackntrace, this is an important step which means our products and services are now becoming more available to the public and we reach a number of new customers.

About Clas Ohlson
Clas Ohlson is a European retail company with a strong customer focus, large vision and ambitious goals. The company has grown and made a profit every year since 1918. Today Clas Ohlson employs closer to 3500 people in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Great Britain and China.


Clas Ohlsons spirit is based on a large and sincere commitment to customers and employees. The head office, the foundation distribution, the first and largest store is still today located in Clas Ohlson home village, Insjön in Dalarna. With a wide and affordable range, personal service and high availability Clas Ohlson helps their customers to find answers to everyday small and large practical problems.


The store network in Sweden, Norway, Finland and the UK in recent years has grown by 10-20 stores a year. In Sweden and Norway the catalog are also available via the Internet and phone. Clas Ohlson total sales today amounts to over five billion Swedish kronor.

Trackntrace in collaboration with the Swedish insurance company Trygg-Hansa


Trackntrace starts a collaboration with Trygg-Hansa to offer Trygg-Hansa's customers the ability to alert, protect and monitor their vehicles and equipment. The objective is to jointly prevent and reduce damage while Trygg-Hansa's customers get a unique offering with interesting products from the Trackntrace.

About Trygg-Hansa
Trygg-Hansa is one of the largest life insurance company with a annual premium volume of over ten billion Swedish kronor and approximately 2000 employees. Trygg-Hansa offers insurance for both businesses and individuals and is the market leader in children's insurance.
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About TrackntraceTrackntrace is a Swedish company that since 2006 has developed and produced a unique system for tracking and positioning of mobile devices. With Trakker ™ from Trackntrace our costumers can detect, alert and monitor all of their units in the same portal. Everything is included in the package to get started directly. Within minutes, you can track your vehicle, follow what you want or use the device as an alarm when hiking or outdoor activities. As user of the system, you can easily change the function and alarm status on your units by a few simple steps. Full history is logged in the system for 60 days, perfect for travel journals, or time management. The system offers many features like Geofence, unique icons, directions, and the possibility of adding unlimited number of devices on the same portal. The service covers the entire EU without any additional cost.

Trackntrace opens in Norway


Trackntrace opens in Oslo, together with VPI, which is the exclusive distributor in Norway for the Trackntrace services and products. Together we greet all new and old customers and suppliers to visit us at Jacobina Ryes vei 21, Oslo. For Trackntrace the Norwegian market is very interesting with its large networks of roads and many common customers in the Nordic countries. We are located at:

Virk Progressive Import
Jacobina Ryes vei 21
0987 Oslo

Tlf: +47 94 47 19 69

Trackntrace opens in Germany


Trackntrace opens up in Germany through its agent Trakk GmbH in Munich. As of October 1, 2010 Trackntraces solutions, products and services are available through Trakker GmbH in Germany and Austria. Shortly Trakk GmbH will represent Trackntrace in Switzerland as well. Munich is a perfect location for an office, almost every country in southern Europe is just a drive away.

Trackntrace attends the world´s largest electronics trade show in Hong Kong, HKTDC


Trackntrace will attend the biggest electronic event this year, the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2010. The fair takes place between the 13 and 16 of October. Trackntrace will showcase products and solutions in cooperation with manufacturers and business partners.

- "The HKTDC trade fair provides the best and unique platform to showcase our products to worldwide buyers. The timing for the show is perfect since we are looking in future establishment in Asia. There is great interest in our services and solutions. System tests carried out in Asia during 2010 shows that our solution works very well here. "Says Mattias Sundström, CEO Trackntrace.

Trackntrace is now releasing its new 3.0 software


Trackntrace takes another step to the forefront of GPS tracking.

Through new technologies with new chipsets in our new Trakkers 007 MK II, we have also developed a refined version of our software on the devices. The new version comes with all Trakkers delivered from August 1, 2010 and provides better standby time and shorter reporting intervals.

The new software is also available for all our previous models and provides similar benefits in their daily use. The updating of the existing Trakkers is completely voluntary and conducted by Trackntrace.
The update is free for our existing customers.

For further information please contact your Trackntrace representative.

Trackntrace exhibits at Lastbil 2010


Come and meet Trackntrace at Elmia in Jönköping 25-28 th August. At Lastbil 2010 Trackntrace will present our products and solutions for the transportation industry. Over 40 000 professional drivers, businessmen other key people meet for business meetings and events at Elmia during those days.

Trackntrace will exhibit the Safetypac and our own solutions for fleet management light. Would you like to book a date for the meeting and display in our booth, please contact Thomas Johansson at Trackntrace.

Trackntrace provides global positioning services to businesses, organizations and individuals.

We have developed a powerful positioning tool in close cooperation with our hardware manufacturer. Our combined services and products provide a unique offering to our customers.

Our concept is based on simplicity and a system that anyone can handle. Through our portal, our customers access to one of the most powerful tools for positioning, making the possibility that at any time through our portal to track what you want whether it be a vehicle, freight, value object or a person. Our system supports both GPS pucks as mobile phones and PDA-s. The possibilities are endless and we have high focus on customized solutions.

Trackntrace signs LOI for Austria and Germany


Trackntrace has today signed a Letter of Intent with Austrian businessmen for the delivery of Trackntrace products and services. Trackntrace unique solutions will fit well in Austria and Germany with a large transport sector together with the tourist industries. Trackntrace ability to deliver solutions that work across national borders has been an important factor. Our products will for example now be provided to ski resorts that will offer their costumers Trackntrace solutions as tracking equipment for skiers.

Trackntrace signs LOI for Middle East region


Trackntrace takes a giant leap towards global presence in Middle East region.

Trackntrace and UAE based TracKing has signed an agreement saying that TracKing will deliver all of Trackntrace technology in the Middle East region. TracKing will set up and provide Trackntrace services in United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Egypt, Algeria and Pakistan.

"I'm confident that this system will revolutionize the security and transport sector in the UAE and the Middle East. Local presence is an important step for Trackntrace. After developing and testing during the spring of 2010 our products will be ready for the market in early autumn. TracKing´s deep understanding for the market in the Middle East region and their large net of distributors will guarantee large volumes in the region." says Mattias Sundström, CEO at Trackntrace Svenska AB.

Trackntrace products ready for Swedish consumers


Trackntrace services for alarm, monitoring and positioning are ready for private individuals. As a consumer and boat owner you are now able to install Trackntrace products and thus get a discount on your insurance. With the Trackntrace packaging this means that you can install the equipment without any real cost if you have a larger boat since you get the equivalent amount of discount from their insurance companies. First Swedish insurance company to offer this service for their clients is Länsförsäkringar.

Test phase is initiated by insurance companies


Test phase of Trackntrace products and services is now initiated by a number of insurance companies. The common goal is to secure and deploy Trackntrace products and services in several areas. Primary services are focusing on theft, monitoring and SOS. After completing the test phase, Trackntrace products and services will offer discounts and compensation to the costumers affected with damage or alarm.

Trackntrace will be exhibiting at CeBIT 2010


Trackntrace shows its B2B solution on the world's largest IT fair, CeBIT in Hannover on 2-6 March 2010. Our products and solutions will be available to see in our partners Brodit AB booth D36 in Hall 7.
Trackntrace has chosen Brodit as the main supplier of measurement adapted vehicles holder with or without power in our installed solutions.

Bus companies signs Letter of Intent


Large Swedish bus company signs Letter of intent Trackntrace for tracing and emergency. The testing phase begins and evaluation is ongoing.

Trackntrace opens new operational sites under the brand TRAKK


An operational service pages are opened under the brand TRAKK. In a step to simplify for our customers in Sweden and abroad, we open new webdomains, and As previously our costumers will have full functionality via our main page Operating pages contain an expanded range of information on products, services and supply while the main page will reflect the company's news and future ventures.

Trackntrace opens in Poland


In January 2010 we will open our new office I Poland. The company will initially include 10 people ranging from sales to development and based in Warsaw. Poland is one of Europe's largest markets with a population of 38 million inhabitants. The response to the initial tests and meetings Trackntrace had in Poland in late 2009 is entirely positive. Trackntrace products and solutions for transportation, logistics and emergency call has been received very well. As a base Trackntrace Poland, will also reach the neighboring East European countries.

Trackntrace signs a Letter of Intent with car rental company


One of Sweden's largest car rental companies with offices nationwide is starting the test of Trackntrace services. The goal is that all cars will be equipped with products and services from the Trackntrace.

Trackntrace continues its investment in the corporate business


Because of the strong demand for Trackntrace enterprise solutions of companys in Sweden and Europe Trackntrace pushes the launch of Pingit to autumn 2010. Pingit which will include exciting new features for individuals and communities continues to be beta tested this spring. The recruitment process is in full swing for the further development of this platform.

Trackntrace attending the CES show in Las Vegas


In conjunction with the annual consumer electronics fair, CES in Las Vegas Trackntrace attended seminars and product meetings with manufacturers, operators and business partners. Analysis is ongoing for the future establishment in the United States. There is great interest in our services and solutions. We expect to have operational testing activities on site at the end of 2010, based in Chicago. More about the CES